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DIY – Vintage Home Styling For Compact Living

18 Mar

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could make some really good changes here at home. Since living two persons on a small area, kinda different tastes as well, it’s not really the time to change the whole apartment. But then I came up with a brilliant idea. I made my own space in a book shelf!

I bought some retro paper that I put up on the walls in the shelf. Also I bought the advice for the jewellery. The rest I had at home already. 3 favourite books are also put on display in the shelf. They are all about vintage and I strongly recommend to buy them if you are into vintage hair, clothes and make-up.

012 - Kopia

003 - Kopia

002 - Kopia

010 - Kopia


Why it is so much funnier sewing with a bubblegum pink sewing machine!

15 Feb

symaskinI grew up with having an old Husqvarna, similar to Singer, you know those sewing machines that you could transform into a table when not used? Do you know what I mean? If not, look to the pic on the left!

I just loved when my mom used the Husqvarna, and also the fact you don’t need electricity to keep it going, just your own feet! Unfortunately it eventually broke down and was beyond repair, and when my parents moved they sold it. Such a shame, but you just can’t keep it all I guess, even though I’d like to have it now.

When I was 12 I got a hand sewing machine from my mom, but unfortunately the needle broke and we just couldn’t find a new one because the brand was quite special. Always I longed to have a real great sewing machine, so that I could at least do some easier stuff.

So yesterday I stepped into a Interior design shop and there it was, love at first sight! Just the simplest stitches, but anyway, I don’t need much more, and how lovely isn’t my latest big love, the bubblegum pink sewing machine? πŸ™‚


DIY – Bracelet & earrings

1 Jan

I DIY:ed this evening and made myself a bracelet, since the other bracelet I made yesterday was a gift for my mother-in-law. I wanted the bracelet to be in the same kinda style as I made my necklace the other day, so now I have a whole “collection”. I just gotta say that I love the colours!

Also, I will provide pics of the earrings that I made yesterday. Enjoy!

049 - Kopia 050 - Kopia 051 - Kopia 052 - Kopia 053 - Kopia

DIY – Fancy Lee Castillio jewellery designs

1 Jan

I was craving for some new jewellery stuff in order to make my own DIY, so I went to Sthlm City and bought myself a whole bunch of pearls and other stuff. Totally crazy, the final bill made my jaw drop. Crafts/handiworks are so expensive in Sweden. When I go to Tallinn next time I will take my time and money and spend them on crafts there instead simply because you get more for the money and also a greater range of stuff.

Anyway, I have been dreaming of making a really fancy necklace and earrings for some while now since the fashion stores tend to make so dull stuff at the moment. I want colour, I want vanity, I want VOGUE, not H&M. But to a decent price. Except from the necklace and bracelet I also made a pair of earrings, but don’t have a decent pic of them at the moment. Anyway; this is the result from yesterday (Click for a bigger pic):

019 - Kopia 021 - Kopia 001 - Kopia 003 - Kopia

Kitchen inspiration

30 Sep

Yup, I bought them all! πŸ˜‰ The last couple of days I went shopping in order to re-invent our kitchenette. It was just so boring, I’ve had no inspiration what so ever in cooking lately just because the kitchenette looks like a tornado swept in!

So I decided I’d take a couple of shopping sprees at a interior design shop here in Stockholm, so I went “lagerhausing”. Yup, I made a verb out of a store called Lagerhaus, just because that’s what you’re doing. Lagerhausing means you go to Lagerhaus and is not satisfied getting one item, you buy all your items there just because they are so modern, designed, funny and also quite affordable. πŸ˜‰

So now, our kitchenette is adorable, cute and quite retro at the same time. Actually our apartment was built in the year of 1954, so it feels kinda funny keeping it a little bit retro.

Spring jewelry

16 Apr

This Saturday I got an idea of a new pair of earrings, so I sat down and came up with those. I’m really fond of the simplicity and the pure colours of the design and pearls.

My other fiction blog

22 Feb

Something for your guys to check out, my other blog My Fiction Novel. Some great stuff I write about that you’d might like, but that won’t fit into this blog really. It will contain a novel I’m currently writing on, some poems, short stories etc. Just started the site today, so it’s kinda in progress, but be sure to check it out!