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Oh, hai – Ajm Looking For A Friend

14 Apr


Since Tidus passed away, Dalek has been having a hard time adjusting. He lost 10 grams in a week, which is quite much for a gerbil, and I think it is simply because he is in great grief after Tidus’ death. He also keeps running away from me when I’m trying to grab him in the cage. Before he always jumped in my hand voluntarily, but now it’s like I have to force him, and he seems all-round nervous.

So I contacted a gerbil breeder, and hopefully we’ll get a little boy in about 7 weeks or so. Long time to wait, but it’s really really hard getting gerbils these days when most pet shops don’t have them, and instead you have to rely on a good breeder – and it’s not easy to find one that lives quite close!

Anyway, Dalek has been out running on the bed many times this past week, and I snapped some cute pics of him. He’s really such a sweetheart; always shows up when you call his name, will jump your shoulder and give you a kiss or tap once in a while. ❤

I miss Tidus so much, but I really ❤ Dalek.

015 - Kopia - Kopia kopiera - Kopia


Being and Tidus… Or, How Losing A Pet Can Hurt So Much

7 Apr

I loved him so much, but since three days back he is gone. I had to let him pass away. And I am devastated, crushed, annihilated – in my deepest core. But he’s better off now. He doesn’t have to suffer any more.

I love you forever, Tidus Castillio. Love sees no color, no race, no size, no gender, and is not exclusive for only humans. ❤

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How To Celebrate Easter – The Swedish Way

31 Mar

010 - Kopia - Kopia

The Easter basket I made for my in-laws. Two Easter eggs filled with candy, a small bottle of red wine, an egg light, home make cookies in a jar, more funny candy and a lovely tray!

009 - Kopia

Dinner with eggs; both with caviar and shrimp/mayonnaise. Four sorts of pickled herring. Typical Swedish.

010 - Kopia

A dish called “Janssons frestelse” (Jansson’s temptation), a casserole made of Swedish potatoes, onion, cream and anchovy

011 - Kopia

Bread, herring, beer and other goodies

012 - Kopia

Apertife custards with Creme Fraische, shrimps and caviar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

11 Feb

old picture 2

Some say home is where your heart is, and those words instantly makes me think about my ancestors who left Sweden for America in the early 20th century. They came to Ellis Island/New York as all immigrant did, and then moved to Chicago/Illinois according to my late grandmother. My grandmother always talked about “those who left”, primarily her uncle, and how she almost went to join them in the States in the 40’s, but finally decided to stay in Sweden.

My grandmother is gone since 8 years, and I never got to ask her properly about her relatives. I’ve done some half-heartedly attempts to find records of where they all ended up and if there are some people left who’re related to me, but never got as far as to the date my uncle boarded the ship from Sweden.

My head is full of those questions for “those who left”; Hello, how are you? Did you peacefully find your home in the States, or did you leave your heart in Småland/Sweden? I have a photo of some of you, I don’t know really who you are, but one of the cards has an old hand-writing on the backside of it, saying: “Greetings from those who left”… This photo is, to me, my unknown relatives in the U.S.

This is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Home. Hope you liked it. Wanna be a part of it, look here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

3 Feb

015 - Kopia - Kopia kopiera - Kopia

It all started in Sep 2010 when I got Tidus, the honey coloured gerbil. He was bullied in his pack, so I decided I’d go for him, and never regret it since, even though he can be quite a rascal at times! Anyway, time went on and a gerbil is not supposed to live alone, but due to Tidus’ not so peaceful temper I decided he should stay alone… but then I changed my mind in Aug 2012, and I got Dalek, a brown gerbil kid. The introduction went rather well, just some few incidents, but Tidus LOVED Dalek from the first sight. He chased him around, just by pure curiosity and also to show his affection and that he wanted Dalek to become one of the pack. Dalek was a little scared at first, but lightened up eventually.

And now I took this pic a couple of months ago, and it says quite all. They love each other, despite not being from the same pack, not related what so ever, not the same age nor colour. I made this pic also to make a statement that love sees no colour, but it contains so much more. They are unique in my eyes. And if a couple of small animals can, why can’t some humans? Continue reading

New Years Eve Party

2 Jan

I must say that New Years Eve was brilliant. Loads of nice food and dessert. Now I welcome a new year and hopefully it will be even better than 2012!

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She’s my mom too

25 Dec

I use to joke about my mother-in-law and say to my fiancé that “She’s my mom too!”, and often it really feels like that even though I love my own mom too of course. Just love this pic that was taken yesterday when we celebrated Christmas at their house.