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The Delicious Chocolate Cake I Made For Easter Dinner

31 Mar

I forgot to enclose this pic in the last blog! It’s a chocolate cake I made yesterday for Easter dinner at my in-laws. Took all in all 4 hours to make (pew!), but tasted delicious!

So this is my Easter Cake with chicken made of marzipan. And a somewhat weird tip is that beer is an excellent beverage choice to this cake! I know it sounds weird, but it’s true.

042 - Kopia


How To Celebrate Easter – The Swedish Way

31 Mar

010 - Kopia - Kopia

The Easter basket I made for my in-laws. Two Easter eggs filled with candy, a small bottle of red wine, an egg light, home make cookies in a jar, more funny candy and a lovely tray!

009 - Kopia

Dinner with eggs; both with caviar and shrimp/mayonnaise. Four sorts of pickled herring. Typical Swedish.

010 - Kopia

A dish called “Janssons frestelse” (Jansson’s temptation), a casserole made of Swedish potatoes, onion, cream and anchovy

011 - Kopia

Bread, herring, beer and other goodies

012 - Kopia

Apertife custards with Creme Fraische, shrimps and caviar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

18 Mar

Today lunch is a yummy one! To see more lunches, click here!

044 kopiera - Kopia

New Years Eve Party

2 Jan

I must say that New Years Eve was brilliant. Loads of nice food and dessert. Now I welcome a new year and hopefully it will be even better than 2012!

006 - Kopia 007 - Kopia 012 - Kopia 018 - Kopia 019 - Kopia 039 - Kopia

Who’s that happy guy? Sankt Bernardus!

27 Jun

Just couldn’t resist buying this Ale today as I went into Sthlm City shopping. A happy monk named Bernardus. Yup, Andreas’ second name is Bernardo so I thought it was quite fun buying him this one!

A good cup of tea – Earl Grey de Luxe

27 Jun

A good cup of tea also contains a good advice, which is: “Every new day gives us new chances of dealing with life”. ❤

A fine Kizz wine

23 Mar

I wonder what Gene Simmons thinks about this wine that I found in Systembolaget! I’ll buy this one for the next rock party. 😉