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I’m back again!

25 Jun

It has been some while now, but I just wanted to give you a sign that I’m not gone!

Since last time I have had loads and loads of swimming classes. At the moment I’m into 2nd period, which will end on Friday. Having Water Aerobics Instruction on Saturday morning. After that I’m VACATIONizing myself for whole July. Taking time off.

Loads of stuff going on in my life at the moment. In a while I let you know more about it. 😉 Also, was at the hairdressers yesterday and got a little bit blonder again. Just love my hair!


Got my hands full with summer’s intense swimming course

11 Jun

Last week and this one I am working every day with an intense swimming course for children 5 years and up. They have 10 days in a row with 40 mins lesson each day in order to get ready for the summer’s beach hanging. I have 4 groups every day, which means 3 hours in water for me. Lucky I have my wet suit! 😉

As a swimming teacher, I have some main goal for these kids for the summer, and that is that they learn to have respect for the water but at the same time master it. If they fall into the water, they can get to land quickly.

Now, 1 week into the course and half left, I noticed yesterday how great they got in just 5 lessons, which made me happy! Looking forward to today and to see how much they will develop. On Friday, they have their show off for parents and relatives, and hopefully they get as excited as I am! 🙂

Training Instructor Gala

1 May

This Saturday, I went to the training instructor gala that our company gives every year, and since I’ve been a water aerobics instructor for only a year it was my first time meeting with all the instructors around south Stockholm area.

And how exciting I knew I was nominated in two categories; “best rookie” and “best rising star”-kinda category. And I actually won “best rising star”, with the motivation that in a short time I’ve developed fast and become really good as an instructor, popular amongst the customers – always happy and active, with a positive attitude. I had to make a speech, not prepared. But very happy about the nomination and that I won! Also got a goodie bag filled with many nice stuff! 🙂

I feel really content and happy about myself and the things I accomplished in such a short time!


Spending time at work

12 Sep

Sorry for my hiatus, the autumn swimming classes and H20 training just started last week along with me working 75% at the moment. The first job I ever had as a permanent at a job. Now my work is mainly focused on swimming classes, both private and in school; also I take care of some H20 training. Really good workout that is lenient for your body, but at the same time gives you that workout you really want. The rest of the time, when I’m not taking care of the swimming tutorials and H20, my time is spent at the reception/desk/administration.

I really like my job. I like teaching children how to swim and to bond with them, also love that I get to exercise at work by taking care of the H20. In the admin, I meet at lot of nice people, and actually in the 1½ year I’ve been working here, I have only met a few customers that are really horrible, which I consider really great! Most of the people are uppy, positive and understanding.

But at the same time I’m confused. I dunno if this is it; if this is what I wanna spend the rest of my life doing. Well, I know I’m only 30 years old, but it feels like I have to have a job where I can settle down, and I dunno if it is possible to do this here.

At the moment I have a temporary post, replacing a person that has taken a break for ½ year in order to study at a college. So I’m not even sure how my situation will be after she comes back. Some weeks ago I heard her say that she is not coming back at all, she just didn’t tell our boss, but today I heard her say she is in fact coming back to work and will take a study break in order to get some money by working. I think it’s rather unfair because this person sometimes feels like she doesn’t even wanna work there, and I really am putting all my effort in the job, but she has the right to come back to her employment again and then I have to either go or lose hours at my job.

It is a thing that is in the future, so I just have to wait and see. My opinion about myself is rather strong though. I know that they can’t get rid of me, I’m quite confident about that. I work so hard, never complain, I don’t cause trouble and I am easygoing, so why would they?

Wow, this got really long! I didn’t expected it to be. Still reading? 😉 Anyway, did anyone of you people out there ever tried water training, H20? In that case, plz, feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it! I would really wanna hear about your experience! 🙂

Olympic Games in London 2012 – And Yup I’m Going!

30 Jun

Now you think, how come she is going to London to watch the finals of the Olympic Games? I WON  A CONTEST that contains both flight tickets, hotel arrangements, tickets to the games and also representations and dinners – all this through a contest the company where I work held for the employers all over Sweden, and lucky me – I WON ’cause I wrote a heck of a good slogan for the contest! 😀 So me and another fellow Medley companion from the south of Sweden, who also won, are going to London together 9-12 th of August.

Gonna be a blast and a one time experience!

WaterAid eye make-up

23 Mar

The company where I work support the organisation of WaterAid, who provide sanitary and water to needy around the world. So yesterday it was World Water Day and I held in the Water training event, so I decided to honor the day in my little special way, by putting on a aqua coloured make-up. Read more about WaterAid and their organisation here!


A night in the Arcade room and kino

5 Feb

Yesterday I first had to do an emergency visit to work since they had a short of staff. Had to help in both behind the desk and take the swimming classes for the kids. After that I hurried home in order to change clothes, put some make up on and then dash off to the next place with some friends of ours; we went to a big mall and first went to Pizza Hut, then to the arcade and then to the kino where we saw the movie The Darkest Hour, an okay time-killer, but not much more than that. Corny plot & characters, but make sure you keep an eye on that Swede Joel Kinnaman, who’s playing a supporting role in the movie.

Yup, dance marathon

Dancy time!

That crazy biatch again! 😉

OMG, wut just happened? 😉

Happy people, me and Vici!