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Living In The Sewers Of Bogotá/Colombia

8 May

This is surely worth 26 min of your time.



Today’s Make-up – Rise To The Occasion

8 Apr

Like today when I will rise to the occasion. You can count on my pride! Inspired by songs everyday, so today I combine both make-up and a song from the Swedish pop group BWO, from the year of 2009.

I just love to combine dark with some happy colour for my blue eyes. I think they pop when you add some colour!

lollipop - Kopia

Btw, my (not so) secret love is Martin Rolinski, the front figure of BWO. I saw him twice IRL. First time at a music award and second time on the metro! I used to live half an mile from him and one day he got on the same metro couch as me. Haha, star struck as hell, and he got of the same station as me as well. Lucky for him I wasn’t a stalker! 😉


The Golden Girls – Scared Straight

12 Jan

There are really few TV shows I really loved through the years, The Golden Girls are among them. I think I’ve watched every single episode twice or something. Here are an episode that is rather funny, dealing with issues that are real even in those days, but in the most humble way only The Golden Girls can provide. Funny stuff, and nowadays there is only one golden girl left, since they other passed – Betty White (Rose Nylund)

The Nobel Price Award Ceremonies

10 Dec

This take part in both Stockholm and Oslo/Norway today. Today is the big ceremony and dinner in the Stockholm City Hall, which will be aired on TV, and like the year before we’re going to watch this on TV and also have our own “celebration” at home, with nice dinner and dressing up a bit. I heard many other Swedes have this as a tradition as well.

This years Nobel Price winners will as expected receive the medal, diploma and documents from our king, King Carl Gustaf XVI, whilst in Oslo the Nobel Peace Price takers will receive theirs from the Chairman of the Nobel Peace Price committee.

Also, this years Nobel Price in Literature will be given to the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer. Sweden rules? 😉

The Nanny – Pilot episode!

18 Aug

If there is any comedy series I really liked, it has been The Nanny. Somehow, I’m not really into comedy, but I really liked this one from when I was very young and on. I never saw the pilot episode until last year when I saw it on Youtube. So, here it goes, my recommendation.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

10 Mar

In the loving memory of Jane Russell, who along with Marilyn Monroe, played a magnificent part in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonde. Russell died at age 89, on February 28th this year.

I really think Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a really well done movie, way ahead of its time, playing with prejudices about men and women, and about beauty. I’m not a fan of musicals, I usually cringe when I see them, but this one is really something out of the extraordinary.

The scene in this movie where Monroe sings Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, was also reduplicated in singer Madonna’s “Material Girl” video. Sadly enough, thanks to this movie to name a few, Monroe was after this always considered as the dumb blonde, which seemed to haunt her also in real life.

If you’re a cheap skate just like me, you can watch the full movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, here.