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Madonna – Bad Girl

25 Jun

Just stumbled upon an old fave vid! Love the vid and the song!


Eurovision Song Contest – Go Robin!

18 May

Cheering for Robin Stjernberg tonight!

Pic: Claudio Bresciani for GP

Pic: Claudio Bresciani for GP


The Killers – Human

22 Apr

Inspirational oldie. Are we human or are we raising a generation of dancers?

Inspirational Song

16 Apr

Håkan Hellström’s new song, “Det kommer aldrig va över för mig”. A bit of The Cure from the mid-80’s, and I like it!


Vintage Style Music

18 Mar

I actually ordered some CDs since in November. They had to be imported from the states and took some while to get, but when I got them I listened to them around the clock! As you already know, I’m really into Spage Age Pop, Old Goodies, Vintage Music, Bachelor Pad Music and Exotica. So I ordered a couple of CDs, which are brilliant:

Persuasive Percussion - LP Front

Persuasive Percussion preformed by Terry Snyder and The All Stars. This Album contains both the albums of Persuasive Percussion 1 & 2. The First album was released in 1959 and the second one in 1960.

Terry Snyder was born in New York and started working as a 16-year-old as a drummer for different bands. But he is most famous for those Persuasive Percussion albums, under the direction of the great “Mister Stereo” Enoch Light.

Unfortunately Terry Snyder died in 1963, but hence to that he lived to see that the first album sold a half million copies in the first year after its release, and there after averaging 150.000 sales per year during a few years. By 1965 the album had sold about 1 million copies.

enough_light_import-va-16509752-frntI also bought the Enoch Light produced album, preformed by Terry Snyder and The All Stars called 5 Top Albums – Persuasive Percussion 1,2 & 3 – Provocative Percussion 1 & 2. By then, I didn’t realise I ordered a double, but in this one I got more. So thinking about giving away the Persuasive Percussion in the future.

This album contains really great works, and is all of Enoch Lights work with Terry Snyder. The Provocative Percussion is the second release of Persuasive Percussion and contains some great songs as well, even though my absolutely fave is the first in the series.

The+Very+Best+of+Astrud+Gilberto+II+41DpAG17SoL_AA240_The last album I bought, but not least in The Very Best Of Astrud Gilberto, an Brazilian jazz/bossanova singer. I got stuck by the song “The Girl From Ipanema”, “Crickets Sings For Anamaria” and most of all “Call Me” – just love that song!

An odd thing to know is that the American Hip-hop group Black Eyes Peas sampled her song “Who Can I Turn To?” in their song “Like That” from their album Monkey Business from the year of 2005.

So I highly recommend you to get those albums! They are a must in a vintage music library!

Mio My Mio, the song that never gets old

10 Feb

The first song I remember I loved as a child. I was only 6 years old when it came out in 1987, but still have the vinyl single! Still love the song and gives me the chills especially when listening to it in my native language. The song is preformed by Karin Glenmark, singer of the group Gemini, and written by Björn & Benny of the Swedish group ABBA (Who is also famous for writing the music to CHESS – the musical). Never saw the movie, but the book was one of the first books I read myself as a young child. I love Astrid Lindgren’s books. Btw, at the bottom I gave a translation to the Swedish version, it’s a little different from the English one.

English version:


Swedish version:


Through the garden of roses, with its silver poplars – I’m walking with my father, holding his hand so tight. And from the highest tree I hear a lonely bird – singing about the cruel Land of Faraway. And my heart is trembling when I hear my father’s voice: Mio my Mio.

The night falls at the garden of roses, and I can see my bird taking off towards the sky. It flies straight to the sky on its wide wings. (He’s) flying towards the dark Land of Faraway. And my heart is trembling when I hear my father’s voice: Mio, my Mio. Mio my Mio.


K-pop time all night long

25 Nov

Yesterday I introduced my BF/BFF further to Korean pop. I’ve been K-popping since 1996, but this night was dedicated to music from 2010-2012.  I made a list of 30 MVs that we watched twice. Just an inspiring Saturday night!