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Today’s Make-up – Ms Dreamy Through The Veil

28 Jun

I’m back again!

25 Jun

It has been some while now, but I just wanted to give you a sign that I’m not gone!

Since last time I have had loads and loads of swimming classes. At the moment I’m into 2nd period, which will end on Friday. Having Water Aerobics Instruction on Saturday morning. After that I’m VACATIONizing myself for whole July. Taking time off.

Loads of stuff going on in my life at the moment. In a while I let you know more about it. 😉 Also, was at the hairdressers yesterday and got a little bit blonder again. Just love my hair!

Let’s Go Church Spotting – Part 2, Adolf Fredrik

28 May

This Sunday me and my fiancé went to Stockholm C for some photographing and shopping. Andreas bought himself a new camera last week, so he felt the urge of getting out taking some photos. Well, me too! Especially since we visited a church and some lovely gardens.

First of all we went church spotting again. This time we went to Adolf Fredrik Church located in the city, beside Sveavägen. The church was built 1768 – 1774 and replaced a wooden chapel that was standing on that ground before.

There are some famous persons buried here on the church grounds. Prime minister Olof Palme, who was assassinated in 1986 has his tomb here, also the prime minister and founder of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Hjalmar Branting. Two very prominent persons in Sweden, be sure you read about them. Very interesting indeed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

12 May

Water front

This weeks challenge is pattern. Yesterday I was at the beach and thought of the pattern that the waves make in the sea, but also the pattern that are in the sand after the water movements.

This picture I took a year ago, in early June. I just love the ocean/sea. To see more patterns, check this out!


A Sudden Taste Of Summer

10 May


And then… finally spring and early summer came! If only for a short while. In Sweden you’ll never know how long it’ll stay, so better enjoy it now.

Vintage Style Coffee Shop

3 May


This weekend we visited one of our favourite coffee shops. Cosy little place, in an old house. Feels like home!


Today’s Make-up – Bandera De Colombia

12 Apr

Colombian flag - Kopia

Amarillo, Azul, Rojo/Yellow, Blue, Red. The flag of Colombia in make-up.

Colombia es pasión!