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Isn’t It Good – Swedish Woods?

2 Jun


Today we got sunny and 25 degrees, so we went out for a walk in the woods and stumbled upon the lovely nature that we always seem to forget about. The woods are only 5 mins from our house, so I wanna show you some of the nature I live close to. There is nothing like living close to this. And also you have Stockholm C just 30 mins away by train. So nature chic and city slicker at the same time!


Garden Hunting – Centralbadet Stockholm

31 May

Let’s Go Church Spotting – Part 2, Adolf Fredrik

28 May

This Sunday me and my fianc├ę went to Stockholm C for some photographing and shopping. Andreas bought himself a new camera last week, so he felt the urge of getting out taking some photos. Well, me too! Especially since we visited a church and some lovely gardens.

First of all we went church spotting again. This time we went to Adolf Fredrik Church located in the city, beside Sveav├Ągen. The church was built 1768 – 1774 and replaced a wooden chapel that was standing on that ground before.

There are some famous persons buried here on the church grounds. Prime minister Olof Palme, who was assassinated in 1986 has his tomb here, also the prime minister and founder of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Hjalmar Branting. Two very prominent persons in Sweden, be sure you read about them. Very interesting indeed.


Where Did Spring Go? Here Is Summer! <3

20 May


Where is spring? Here in Sweden we enjoy the almost direct skip from winter to summer, but where did spring go? Well, joking a little bit here, but at the moment it’s a fusion of spring and summer here.

The bad thing with this “boom” is that the allergic reaction people get of all the pollen. Me myself is not really allergic, but at the moment feel like I’m having a sore throat due to this. I really feel for you true allergic out there! ­čśŽ

Today I went on a lovely jogging tour, and after that I sat in the sun. Hopefully the sun stays! ­čÖé


Eurovision Song Contest – Go Robin!

18 May

Cheering for Robin Stjernberg tonight!

Pic: Claudio Bresciani for GP

Pic: Claudio Bresciani for GP


A Trip To H├ągelbyparken (H├ągelby Park)

16 May


Last weekend we went to H├ągelbyparken, a park that lies just outside the suburb of Tumba. The weather was so-so, but the sights were quite lovely anyway. I can just imagine how it will be in summer! They have little cosy coffee shops, restaurants, playgrounds, theatre,┬á zoo and other niceties. Looking forward to a picnic there in summer! ­čÖé


Let’s Go Church Spotting On A Sunny Day – Church Of Salem/Sthlm

12 May

My friend from the south of Sweden came to visit us this weekend, and it happened he wanted to see the church here in Salem, so we went there to take a look.

The church is one of the oldest in Sweden, descending from the 12th century. Such a beautiful church and the surroundings by the lake is magnificent!

Isn’t it just beautiful? (Click on the pics to enter the gallery for a closer look)