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I’m back again!

25 Jun

It has been some while now, but I just wanted to give you a sign that I’m not gone!

Since last time I have had loads and loads of swimming classes. At the moment I’m into 2nd period, which will end on Friday. Having Water Aerobics Instruction on Saturday morning. After that I’m VACATIONizing myself for whole July. Taking time off.

Loads of stuff going on in my life at the moment. In a while I let you know more about it. 😉 Also, was at the hairdressers yesterday and got a little bit blonder again. Just love my hair!


Today’s Make-up – Stylish Brown

21 May

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Got stuck on brown shades lately but I just love the matte chocolate palette! Giving you a more colourful look tomorrow, but now I gotta go to bed! Nighty! 🙂


One Year Apart – I Love My Hair

16 May

It’s one year between those pics. The first one is from May 2012 and the second one is from May 2013. I cut my hair really short a couple of years ago, even shorter than on the first pic. I had like 3 cm of hair when I cut it 2 years ago, but regretted it eventually and wanted my long hair back again. So now I’m fighting for it. Btw, I have a hair extension on the second pic that is 5-10 cm longer than my own hair, but soon – soon I’m there for real!

Someday soon I will show you my hair metamorphosis that I have gone through last 2½ years. You won’t believe your eyes…


This Babe Bought New Red Summer Shoes

1 May

Bought a new pair of lovely summer shoes a couple of days ago, and I swear they are the most comfortable summer shoes I ever owned! At the first gaze I found them rather frumpy, and made for old ladies, but then again – I tried them on and got stuck. Learned to love them in less than 10 minutes. Not frumpy; but cute! And very 50’s teenage fashion!

The brand is Original Marstrand, that I think is more of a old Swedish brand that are mostly made for boat people. Marstrand is a town in the west of Sweden, one of the west coast’s most prestigious communities as far as I know. An American equivalent could be Southampton, New York, but I really dunno… Never been in either place, so what do I know really. 😉 But the feel of it is kinda the same.

What do you think? Frumpy, or just cute?


M By Madonna – Madonna <3 H&M

22 Apr

M_for_madonna_fashionHMIn 2007, Madonna launched a clothing line for the Swedish brand H&M. Back in those days I was really broke, being a student and paying really high rent for my apartment and so on, so all I could do was window shopping for those things.

But this Friday, lucky me got my hands on a dress from that collection as I went second hand shopping in one of my favourite second hand stores. All of a sudden, it was there – the right size and looking brand new! I bought the dress for 80SEK, about 12$. So this one is really my new love of my wardrobe! Hadn’t had the time yet to take photos of myself in that dress, but to get a glimpse of it I provide some press pics.



Weekends Are For Shopping

14 Apr

Since I work every other weekend, those weekend when I don’t work – they are kinda sacred shopping weekends. At least one day on the weekend, I tend to go shopping. This weekend I spent both Saturday and Sunday by shopping. This is some stuff that I came home with. 🙂

Snowdrop Dress from Forever Unique

22 Mar

This must be one of the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! This is a must have dress. You can find more pics and information on Nelly.com

Snowdrop Dress EUR 409,95, Forever Unique – NELLY.COM