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Today’s Make-up – Orange Chocolate

1 May


Not really today’s make-up, but yesterdays. 😉 Used a orange colour on the upper lid and then added some matte chocolate shade in the crease and on the outer part of the lid + on the lower eye lid I used a brown/black shade. Also used a black liquid eye liner on the upper lid + black eye pencil liner in the water line, ending up with a heavy black mascara.



Today’s Make-up – Passion For Pink n’ Purple

14 Apr


Today’s Make-up – Save The Green Planet

9 Apr

green - Kopia kopiera

I’m not being naive, I don’t think my eyes will save the planet, but it feels like a great thing to say. 😉 Personally, I love green. Jade green is my absolutely favourite colour; that is on make-up, things and other artefacts, but no – not in clothes. Jade green is the only colour I look really bad in. It’s true! Or at least in my head.

Great thing then that I fit in jade green make-up. Have fun out there girls, and promise me you’ll try on a different eye shadow today! 🙂


Today’s Make-up – Thunderbolt

7 Apr

It’s way past bedtime, and my eyes are sore, but anyway thought of putting up some Today’s Make-up. Kinda crazy combo of the colours, but anyway! Feeling really sad for my loss this Friday (see my last post), but I must go on even though it’s hard at the moment. Enjoy!

Thunderbolt - Kopia


Today’s Make-up – Earthbound

31 Mar

1225_EyeShaPal_50-280x280Long time since I made a Today’s make-up blog! Like I said in a blog a while ago I would like to have a eye shadow palette with more matte colours. I find it really hard to find one these days since shimmery eye shadows are fashion at the moment, but then I found one actually!

IsaDora has a really great eye shadow palette that has 5 different shades; IsaDora Eye Shadow Palette 50 Matte Chocolates. It has really rich pigmentation and stays on forever. Makes you eyes look lovely no matter your eye colour!

Really sorry the pics of my eyes are so small, somewhat blurry and not able to make larger without getting blurrier!

Earthbound - Kopia kopiera

011 - Kopia kopiera - Kopia

021 - Kopia

What is your favourite? Matte or shimmering eye shadows? 🙂

Today’s Make-up – Earthbound

25 Feb

Tried for a deep brown look and it got a little something like this. My camera refused to flash, so the pics might be a little blurry. Anyway, used my Viva La Diva palette that contains a lot of different eye shadows. My favourite so far, but also thinking of buying a palette that contains more matte colours.

earthbound earthbound2

Make-up for a great New Years Eve party

1 Jan

Somewhat late because today is New Years Day, but anyway, some great tip how to get that fab make-up for New Years Eve (or to other parties!)

020 - Kopia - Kopia

014 - Kopia - Kopia