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Today’s Make-up – Rainbow Flag

2 Jul

This is yesterday’s make-up, not today’s –  but didn’t have time yesterday to show you before I left the house. Went to a birthday party and got to hear my make-up was fab; “It looks like the rainbow flag!”, one even said. So what can I say? I guess it looks just ab-fab!

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Today’s Make-up – Passion For Pink n’ Purple

14 Apr


Shopping spree on H&M

5 Jan

Went out for a shopping spree with my niece today and found some really good stuff on sale! Bought a long and fashionable black winter jacket that had cost 699SEK (102$/80€), but got it for 100SEK (15$/11€)! Also bought some make up, a pretty wallet and a 20’s hat that I put a brooch with feathers on. Also a bargain, and I really love it! 🙂

My niece bought a nice rockabilly dress at a rock store and also a black blazer from H&M. Really nice stuff, and a really great shopping day, although it began snowing in the end!

Blusher from H&M and Powder from IsaDora

A raccoon wallet from H&M! I LOVE raccoons! 🙂

The cat in THE 20’s hat from H&M! I already love it.

The hair pin/brooch I bought on H&M and put in the hat.

Today’s makeup – 30’s Bette

4 Jan

I tried really hard to find a somewhat typical style for the 30’s but found out there are several different ways to do a complete 30’s look, so I had to compromise. The main theme throughout the 30’s style though is the red lips, the thin eye brows and pale skin, and that is what I tried to put the most effort in. The style I made is a fusion of Marlene Dietrich’s and Bette Davis’ 30’s style.