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Today’s Make-up – Rainbow Flag

2 Jul

This is yesterday’s make-up, not today’s –  but didn’t have time yesterday to show you before I left the house. Went to a birthday party and got to hear my make-up was fab; “It looks like the rainbow flag!”, one even said. So what can I say? I guess it looks just ab-fab!

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Today’s Make-up – Ms Dreamy Through The Veil

28 Jun

I’m back again!

25 Jun

It has been some while now, but I just wanted to give you a sign that I’m not gone!

Since last time I have had loads and loads of swimming classes. At the moment I’m into 2nd period, which will end on Friday. Having Water Aerobics Instruction on Saturday morning. After that I’m VACATIONizing myself for whole July. Taking time off.

Loads of stuff going on in my life at the moment. In a while I let you know more about it. 😉 Also, was at the hairdressers yesterday and got a little bit blonder again. Just love my hair!

Today’s Make-up – Green Grass Of Home

22 May

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It’s been a while since I made a make-up with more colours, so this day I made one with silver blue and different shades of green. Looking quite good and soon I’ll make one even more colourful look!


Today’s Make-up – How To Emphasize Blue Eyes

10 May

A great light milk brown matte eye shadow on the upper lid, working a slightly darker shadow up and out towards the brow . Then a wet sharp brush with some rusty red eye shadow, draws a eye liner on the upper and lower lid, framing the blue eye. Put some black pencil liner in the water line and then some heavy black mascara. Voilá!


Why it is So Worth Spending 3 Hours at the Hair Saloon

2 Apr

The last time I went to the Hair Saloon it was in early August last year. Since then my hair grew about 10 cm and just had to be taken care of – and now I’m talking about colouring, not cutting since I want my hair to be long again!

I went to the saloon early this morning and came out 3 hours later! OMG! I’ve never been in the saloon for so long, but it felt like 1 hour or something, not 3 hours! Anyway, I’m SO pleased with my new hair colour and my hair dressers (Yes, I have 3 hair dresses that work in shifts with my hair, haha). They’ve been patiently working with moi since 2 years back, but last year with growing out my hair and trying to make it look natural blonde. So this is the result! (Btw, gonna give you a retrospect from the last 2 years in another forthcoming blog. You will think I’m crazy!)

027 - Kopia

Today’s Make-up – Liliac Passion

3 Feb

Working with the same colour but with different shades can create a deeper and professional make-up. This day I tried purple and it looked quite fab actually. Thinking of getting a eye shadow palette with matte colours, which would make it look even more dramatic I think.

016 kopiera

017 kopiera

040 kopiera