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Got my hands full with summer’s intense swimming course

11 Jun

Last week and this one I am working every day with an intense swimming course for children 5 years and up. They have 10 days in a row with 40 mins lesson each day in order to get ready for the summer’s beach hanging. I have 4 groups every day, which means 3 hours in water for me. Lucky I have my wet suit! ­čśë

As a swimming teacher, I have some main goal for these kids for the summer, and that is that they learn to have respect for the water but at the same time master it. If they fall into the water, they can get to land quickly.

Now, 1 week into the course and half left, I noticed yesterday how great they got in just 5 lessons, which made me happy! Looking forward to today and to see how much they will develop. On Friday, they have their show off for parents and relatives, and hopefully they get as excited as I am! ­čÖé


A Trip To H├ągelbyparken (H├ągelby Park)

16 May


Last weekend we went to H├ągelbyparken, a park that lies just outside the suburb of Tumba. The weather was so-so, but the sights were quite lovely anyway. I can just imagine how it will be in summer! They have little cosy coffee shops, restaurants, playgrounds, theatre,┬á zoo and other niceties. Looking forward to a picnic there in summer! ­čÖé