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Where Did Spring Go? Here Is Summer! <3

20 May


Where is spring? Here in Sweden we enjoy the almost direct skip from winter to summer, but where did spring go? Well, joking a little bit here, but at the moment it’s a fusion of spring and summer here.

The bad thing with this “boom” is that the allergic reaction people get of all the pollen. Me myself is not really allergic, but at the moment feel like I’m having a sore throat due to this. I really feel for you true allergic out there! 😦

Today I went on a lovely jogging tour, and after that I sat in the sun. Hopefully the sun stays! 🙂



Cherry Tree Garden

30 Apr

How spring finally came to Sweden, and how we’ve all been longing for it during the long and dark winter! 🙂

Forget-me-nots, flower pics from spring/summer

14 Dec