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Today’s Make-up – Thunderbolt

7 Apr

It’s way past bedtime, and my eyes are sore, but anyway thought of putting up some Today’s Make-up. Kinda crazy combo of the colours, but anyway! Feeling really sad for my loss this Friday (see my last post), but I must go on even though it’s hard at the moment. Enjoy!

Thunderbolt - Kopia



Today’s Make-up – Office Make-up

1 Mar

When going to the office, you might have a subtle make-up on, but yet with some colour. So here is a favourite of mine. Light brown, black and light orange/pink.

Btw, sorry for not updating in a while, but at the moment I’m down with the flu… 😦

light makeup

light makeup 2

Today’s Make-up – Earthbound

25 Feb

Tried for a deep brown look and it got a little something like this. My camera refused to flash, so the pics might be a little blurry. Anyway, used my Viva La Diva palette that contains a lot of different eye shadows. My favourite so far, but also thinking of buying a palette that contains more matte colours.

earthbound earthbound2

Today’s Make-up – Doll Passion

22 Feb

Working with a pink and liliac colour but with different shades which can create a deeper and professional make-up. This day I tried purple, pink with dark grey and it looked quite fab actually. And instead of putting black mascara on the lower lash, I put a dark blue one.

007 - Kopia

008 - Kopia

Today’s Make-up – Liliac Passion

3 Feb

Working with the same colour but with different shades can create a deeper and professional make-up. This day I tried purple and it looked quite fab actually. Thinking of getting a eye shadow palette with matte colours, which would make it look even more dramatic I think.

016 kopiera

017 kopiera

040 kopiera


Todays make-up – Petrol and green

17 Jan

A little bit more from me I guess. I really like blue and green on my eyes. Sorry about the somewhat blurry pic! Wasn’t meant to be shown here in the blog. 🙂


Todays Make-up – Best of year 2012

13 Jan

I use to say that 2012 was the good make-up year. I got more skilled in make-up techniques and also got more money to spend on it. This year of 2013 will be even better.

1) Purple Haze

make up - lushious pink and purple

2) Audrey Hepburn

make up audrey hepburn

eyes audrey hepburn

eyes audrey hepburn 2

3) 20’s flapper

TAAZ-makeover.jpg - Kopia

4) Orange n’ chocolate

Makeup orange

eyes open orange

eyes closed orange

5) Green n’ yellow make-up

make up yellow and green

eyes closed green and yellow

eyes open green and yellow

6) Green n’ blue

Make up green

7) Pink n’ purple

Today's makeup - pretty in pink

8) Even more pink n’ purple

004 - Kopia

005 - Kopia

9) Brown n’ icy blue

008 - Kopia kopiera

009 - Kopia kopiera

10) Icey blue


11) Rainbow child

042 kopiera - Kopia

043 - Kopia

12) The 4 elements

031 kopiera - Kopia (2)

032 kopiera - Kopia

13) Bamboo delight

021 kopiera

025 kopiera

14) Introducing blue mascara

003 - Kopia

004 - Kopia

15) Spring rain

011 - Kopia

012 - Kopia

16) Blue big eye day 😉

009 - Kopia kopiera

010 - Kopia kopiera

17) Brown smokey eyes

smokey kopiera

smokey 2 kopiera

18) Tropical tutu

001 - Kopia kopiera

002 - Kopia kopiera

19) Happy green day

leecastillio kopiera

20) Happy new year

020 - Kopia - Kopia